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North Campus Regulations for the 2011 Season

NOTE: New North Campus gameday guidelines will be enforced on G-Day.  Modifications were made to the University's tailgating policies before the 2010 football season and have been updated for the 2011 season.

Before the 2006 football season, the University Administration and the Athletic Association enacted new tailgating regulations and initiated an extensive communications campaign focused on three goals:

  • Enhance the gameday experience for everyone
  • Ensure gamedays are safe for everyone on campus, especially students
  • Preserve the beauty of the University of Georgia campus

The fans’ response to the effort has been overwhelmingly positive, especially in regards to the first two goals. The third goal – preserving the campus – continues to be a challenging goal on historic North Campus.

Toward this end, the University Administration and Athletic Association convened a committee to consider further methods to protect the campus, especially the historic North Campus. The Committee sought solutions that would maintain the long tradition of tailgating at UGA, but at a level more compatible with the historic buildings and grounds on North Campus. The consistently high traffic and negative impact to this historic area on gamedays led many in the public to call for a complete ban on tailgating in the area, while others called for increased regulations. The Committee took into account the multitude of letters and emails from fans and alumni, the wealth of media coverage from the 2009 season and the physical costs involved in protecting this historic and treasured University of Georgia landmark. Its recommendations are being implemented as follows:

North Campus

To reduce physical damage to North Campus grounds and mitigate behavioral concerns, the following new procedures are being implemented:

  • Tailgating on North Campus will be allowed beginning five (5) hours before kickoff, up from four hours during the 2010 season.
  • Tables can now be up to six-feet long on North Campus, up from four feet in 2010.
  • Tents will be allowed on North Campus.  These were not allowed in 2010.
  • The following items will not be allowed on North Campus on gamedays:
    • Kegs
    • Generators
    • Televisions
    • Amplified music
    • Grills or cookers of any type
    • Household furniture (folding chairs not included)

These changes will impact a core group of fans who tailgate on the North Campus, Herty Field and surrounding areas. For those fans who still desire to tailgate in a large group, there are a host of other large spaces for fans to tailgate without risking the historic assets of the University campus while giving fans ample access to parking and other facilities.

NOTE: North Campus is defined as the area bounded by Broad Street, Lumpkin Street, Baldwin Street and Jackson Street (including, but not limited to, the quadrangle between Broad Street and Old College, the quadrangle between Old College and the Main Library, and Herty Field).

In order to accommodate the increased fan traffic in these areas, a few changes in parking regulations are also being implemented at locations throughout the campus. These changes will help to free up valuable parking spaces to accommodate the more than 92,000 fans that gather on campus during a gameday.

General Parking

The following changes will apply to all parking areas on gameday:

  • No pull-behind items (trailers, cookers, etc.)
  • No golf carts or ATVs
  • No parking on sidewalks (expanded to include Carlton St.)

Additionally, the ban on setting up tailgates (tents, tables, etc.) in parking spaces will be reemphasized, to include those areas controlled by the Athletic Association.

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